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This podcast/audio blog is intended to help you deal with things that make you anxious and aim to have you automatically feel comfortable without consciously trying.

What I talk about are things that, in my experience, work and most importantly are simple and easy to apply. These are just my opinions and thoughts that I say out loud but hopefully you’ll listen, mull them over and give them a try. When I say try, I do mean 100% effort, really go for it and if you do, I think you will learn much more than you imagine and feel so much better.

So, what is anxiety?

Well to me it’s simply a fear, a fear of what has happened in the past may happen again in the future. It’s like you unconscious mind is using a negative emotion to get you to prepare better than before. The trouble is your unconscious mind seems only to be using that negative emotion of fear to help you and, to help you more, it just keeps increasing the intensity!!!

You see, to me, if your unconscious mind was to learn from those past events and use both those learnings and other resources you use in other times when you’re successful or safe or competent you would always get the best result and keep on improving those results. It makes sense to me, how about you?

From my experience the clients I see, who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, didn’t always feel that anxious or worried. It seems to have started small and snowballed bigger and bigger over time and into more and more areas, different contexts, of their lives. Which means to me that if we can use a process that does use learnings and those previously successful states not only can we use this natural process to reverse the effect but also positively have it grow and spread to other areas of our lives in the most wonderful ways. I say his because I believe when your unconscious mind finds out that what it’s doing is not working, and what it’s doing is in conflict with its’ intention, it has to find a better way and that’s what this process I show you in the audio does.

Please listen with an open mind, be gentle with me if I fail to explain it, this, as it needs to be for you and then listen to the Hypnosis audio for another type of experience :0) If one doesn’t get the change you want I’d like to think the other will.

If you enjoy or feel this could be both interesting and useful to a friend(s) please share.

As this is only the second recording, please accept my apologies for not having the most professional and polished recording qualities etc. I’ll try to get better too.

And here’s he hypnosis track that accompanies the above.

This hypnosis track follows the second podcast and teaches your unconscious mind to replace anxiety with feeling comfortable and safe.
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