So What’s Hypnosis Really Like? Let’s Dispel the Myths

So What’s Hypnosis Really Like? Let’s Dispel the Myths

This is a video I made to help those who are anxious or even frightened about Hypnosis.

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Hypnosis – What It’s Really Like

Let’s take away any fear you might have

If you ask 1000 hypnotists what is hypnosis you will probably get a 1000 different answers – And as a client why would you care?

Yet I get clients who come to me with deep emotional problems, and some not deep, wanting help but are afraid, scared of what hypnosis feels like. Will be out of control? Will I remember any of it? Will you click your fingers and I’ll be out of it- unconscious?

Valid as those questions are, the facts of what hypnosis or some say trance is so different and is quite the contrary.

Come listen and find out for yourself how I explain this to my clients

Then please share with anyone who has those misconceptions

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