Dealing with alcoholism, excessive drinking

..and stop worrying that you might be an alcoholic
in as little as 2-3 sessions.

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“If only I could have JUST one drink, and stop when I choose to.” 

Sound familiar?

You may not be a binge drinker or have those hangovers like you used to and having a drinking problem doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic and need AA either. Using our specially developed hypnotherapy and hypnosis and many other tools for dealing with drinking problems we have learnt to assist people to stop drinking and have the choice of when, where and how much. We believe you should have the choice and have control over your drinking habit.

The choice to enjoy yourself and enjoy the company of others too.


Complimentary Initial Consultation

Bournemouth Hypnotherapy

There’s only one real way to find out and that’s to come along for an initial consultation and meet us in person and be comfortable we’re right for you. Only you can make that decision.
consultation to have all your questions answered in person, and make sure you’re comfortable with us, and find out how we can really help you.

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It’s important to us that, before you make your choice, you have all your questions answered in person, feel really comfortable that we are right for each other and that’s why we invite you to a initial consultation.

The only cost of this is 20 minutes of your time! and we will also give you a complimentary hypnosis CD whatever you decide.

Following your first session with us we will give you our specially extended deep hypnosis CD.

We at Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic have worked quickly with many clients to sucessfully change their drinking habbits.


“How many sessions will I need?”

Dealing with or letting go of your alcohol addiction with hypnotherapy should really only take two or three sessions ~ well that’s our experience!

Paul and Chris at Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic realise how drinking can be a way of escaping or block out things in your life. Unfortunately our bodies can get to use to the habit which causes great strain and pain on you and your loved ones lives.

Through Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy we can develop new strategies with coping and dealing with situations, while creating more empowering alternative behaviours and choices so you can take control of your life, have freedom and be the REAL YOU, you know you really are inside.

“I have been very happy with the results I have had since our sessions finished. I have managed to completely change my drinking habits and now tend to only drink at the weekends and only then in moderation. I believe that I have achieved my goals and have started to lose a lot of the weight that I wanted to lose. If I need to come back to you again in the future then I will not hesitate to book an appointment with you. Thanks again Luke .” LG

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