Dealing with Anxiety and Fear – Right Here Right Now – I’m Safe

Dealing with Anxiety and Fear

Right Here Right Now – I’m Safe

Past events and memories can and do evoke negative emotions such as anger, fear, hurt, and guilt – you fill in the blank along with their associated limiting beliefs. And we continue to feel them long after they have finished.

We get anxious, worry, panic – you fill in the blank thinking of things that might happen in the future and play wonderous movies in our head of all the bad things that might happen.


They are all in your head. The past is gone, finished, it’s over and the future hasn’t happened which all means tight here, right now those negative emotions, beliefs, and internal movies are all of your own making because right here, right now you are safe.

In this episode, we’ll look into how to change this by choosing a safer way to be because all these other ways are no longer appropriate. Getting your unconscious mind to find and access ways to keep you safe and deal with all that Negative ‘STUFF’.

Please come with me on this dive down the rabbit hole and see, hear, and feel in creating the life that makes you feel good  YAY!  :O)

If you are struggling with anxiety or fear do contact me to see if I can help

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