Creating a Quiet Place

Creating a Quiet Place

A place away from the noise

There’s so much noise in the world and in my podcast (The Personal Development Unplugged podcast) I wanted to share a  quiet place that I used to have and how I can go back there. Or if you want one you can create one of your own.


For those who would like to read the podcast here is a transcript of the audio. If you are someone who gets a little touchy about grammar you are going to have to work hard not showing it   :O)

Hey, welcome to this special five-minute quickie special in a way that it’s experiential. I want you to experience my quiet place and maybe allow it to be your quiet place, or develop one of your own. So you can de-stress, just let go, let go of anxiety and overwhelm. And just for a few moments, recharge, come back to your center, and stillness. So just remember, if there’s anything that needs your attention, please listen to this another time. Because this is going to entail you to use your imagination and go inside. When you’re ready, please enjoy after this

Friends, I just want to use your Imagineering for a moment if you would. So this might be something you could do while you’re walking along. But not certainly not driving. Or anything that really needs your attention because I just want you to go inside for a bit. So maybe just standing still, sitting down, having a listen maybe on your commute on the tube on the subway, wherever it is.

I just wanted you to imagine this, that you could leave a busy place. Wherever you’re at. And it’s a bit, a bit busy, just a bit busy. And you could just leave it and you could walk down a very small path. And as you turn the corner you can see just over there just beyond that little stretch of grass, an old shed. And beside that old shed is like a lovely lean-to, open to the elements. But sort of open because it has a lovely little roof. It’s got some nice little wooden supports there. It’s got a vine thing going on as like a vine growing up and intertwining with the roof.

And there’s a table nice table just a couple of chairs. You can see them over there. And you decide that you’re going to walk over that small stretch of grass to that table. And you can see as you go across that grass, there’s like a pathway that’s been trodden before from before just not by you, but by other people.

And you make your way across that grass. And you go and sit at that table. And as you sit at that table, you look around. You can see on the table, there’s like an old candle been used before, but it’s just a nice old candle. And there’s a little Buddha, a little statue of Buddha there. And it’s not there for buddhist reasons. It’s just because it makes things feel nice and peaceful.

And you can just sit and look, there’s a place for a cup of coffee if you want coffee. There’s a place where you could have had a glass of wine if it was a bit later. And there’s a place where you could put your journal if you had a journal you can just sit here and you just look to the corner over there. Not too far away. And there’s a nice like it’s a big barrel like cut in half but in that barrel, it’s full of water and there are plants growing in the water. And every now and again. You see a little frog, just his eyes coming above the surface and beside that there’s a bench where if you wanted to, you go and sit and just muse, muse to your heart’s content, maybe it’s a place where you would speak with other people.

Maybe it’s a place where you’d speak with other people in your mind. To have a conversation with them to understand things differently. And knowing that this is protected from the elements, you know, you can come here, whenever you choose to muse to think, to write in your journal, just to settle. And in a moment, I’m going to read a bit of a poem that I wrote.

It’s weird because I’m not a poet. And you’ll notice that, but this was a poem that I wrote in this quiet place. Because this is a description of my quiet place. So just sit back inside, let the words just drift over you.

My Quiet Place

Where world standstill

Where worry ends,

Where thinking ends, and never begins.

Memories of the past and memories of the future where the overwhelming love of others disappear.

To wonder in a place of solitude and quiet, finding answers to my questions,

With so little thoughts in my head,

Where the world is so simple.

Where all the spinning ends,

Where I count my blessings,

Where I can touch the people I love with my mind,

Where I bathe alone in the love of those who have touched me where I can

My quiet place.

So that was, well, it was the second edit of a poem. But hey, it really represents what I feel is a quiet place. And the thing is, I’m not near that quiet place anymore. It’s no longer mine. But I can go there in my mind if I want to. Or I can create that feeling, the feeling the essence of a quiet place, wherever I want to go. And be back again, in the emotion of a quiet place where I can do my thinking, my music, my journaling. And so can you can have this quiet place if you want.

But I bet you’ve got one of your own. Maybe a time and a place where you just felt so comfortable. That you can recall your own. Maybe you have one already a real-life quiet place where you can go. Well maybe just create one when you go into nature, a Coffee House, maybe a park anywhere really. Or if you wanted to, you can create one in your head in your mind just by using your Imagineering and go there whenever you choose. And all you have to do is do it.

There you go. That was my quiet place. I hope that maybe that just resonates with you. Maybe that just well feels different. Or is a feeling that you can imagine yourself and replicate it. Or you can see the details because you can go into so much detail to create your quiet place. If you want to better help with that. Maybe, and this isn’t the plug but it is a sort of a plug. It’s creating your own inner retreat, which is a hypnosis program I have on You don’t need it, if you don’t need it, because you could follow what we’ve just done but If you apply that, that massive discount, well, hey, it’s really really pennies were not pennies, but it’s, it’s so easy to do. And not only do you create your retreat in your mind with that quiet place, but there’ll be different places you could create. So maybe just have a little read of that. And it’s

Have a look, remember that discount that you get by joining the hypnosis side of this podcast. And that’s And I’ll tell you about that massive discount it’s about 70%. That’s massive. Anyway, either way, I just hope that is my intention that you have a quiet place that whenever you need it from, you know, maybe just wanting a bit of space, maybe there is a bit of overwhelming. Or maybe you just want to recharge, maybe sit down somewhere, use a little bit of self-hypnosis, to recharge, to come back, come back home, center, and settle.

All those wonderful things you can do in a matter of moments. And then when you come back to this little world, the real world on the outside, you’re in a better place. Better place on the outside better place on the inside. Anyway, have a look at that. And I’d love to know what, what your feedback is on this sort of five-minute quickie was going to be about 15 minutes. But I’d love to know your feedback of this type of five-minute quickie where we just have an experience is it something you enjoy is a different type of experience that you’d like to just disappear into?

Let me know. Email me feedback at personal development And it comes to me personally and then we’ll get something on. We’ll get something on. We’ll get another five-minute quickie or even a longer podcast or really get a nice bit of hypnosis or maybe and maybe I might just create a full hypnosis process of just this one. I don’t know. Yeah, we’ll see.

We’ve got that inner retreat and that’s probably even better because it allows you to add to it over and over again. And there’s a money-back guarantee by the way I didn’t tell you that and you could try it out. And hey, nothing to lose money-back guarantee. Anyway, until the next time, my friends do let me know. And if you feel somebody else might benefit from having a quiet place to just de-stress. Just pass this on if you would just pay it forward, share, and in sharing, we’ll all get that little bit better.

Anyway, until next time, my friend. Enjoy your quiet place

you are now leaving the unplugged mind as Paul Clough. It’s time to fly and be brave my friend.

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