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A Muse on Hypnosis

Why do I love hypnosis?

Why or what do I think hypnosis is so important and what it does, can do?

I’m often asked why I learned hypnosis and the real truth. I did it for every other reason than helping others – it was all about me and a way into NLP.

That all changed within about 2 hours of the first day of my first training, but that’s another story for another day.

You see if you don’t consciously choose to run your issue and those emotions, negative and positive what does? -Your unconscious mind, your best friend, and where best to go to make changes? Your unconscious mind, your best friend.

A five-minute muse, a conversation, to hopefully get you to think and maybe want to learn more about hypnosis and Your Unconscious mind – Your Best Friend.

To find out how it, I, can help you and your issue the best thing to do is contact us by the ‘Contact Form’ and arrange an initial consultation – It’s complimentary and literally only lasts 20 minutes where you can make a considered decision if Hypnotherapy is for you.

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