Improving your sports performance with Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic

Sports enhancement & improvement with NLP & Hypnosis

with Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic

“I wish I could perform at my best EVERY time…”

~ Sound familiar

NLP and Hypnosis has been used widely in sport and more specifically sports enhancement and improvement for longer than most people realise. Why? because being skillfull in your sport is one thing ( the behaviour) but being able to use your skill to it’s max and consistently is controlled by our minds. Numerous well-known sportspeople have used hypnosis in the past, including boxers Frank Bruno, Steve Collins and Nigel Benn, former England cricket captain Mike Brearley, athlete Iwan Thomas, and golfer Ian Woosnam in fact nearly if not all top sports persons.

Even professional football teams have used Hypnosis, with Crystal Palace and Swindon Town recently employing the services of a hypnotherapist.

Here at both Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic and our sister clinic Cambridge Hypnotherapy, we have worked with many individuals who have the aim to perform at the best of their ability. Our clients have experienced this in only 2 or 3 sessions. If you are a professional athlete, or a serious amateur who would like to find out more, please visit our other sister site Cambridge Sports Psychology

How many sessions will I need

There’s only one real way to find out how we can help you in your sport or fitmess and that’s to come along to our complimentary initial consultation and meet us in person and be comfortable we’re right for you. Call us on 01223 720 120 or email us by clicking here.

It’s important to us that, before you make your choice, you have all your questions answered in person, feel really comfortable that we are right for each other and that’s why we invite you to a initial consultation.

The only cost of this is 20 minutes of your time! and we will also give you a complimentary hypnosis CD whatever you decide.

Following your first session with us we will give you our specially extended deep hypnosis CD.

So what can you expect to achieve?

  • Increased Motivation
  • Increased Concentration
  • Consistency in your results
  • Lose anxiety and the “butterflies” feeling
  • Get rid of the nerves that stop you performing at your best
  • Get past your sticking point (where in the past yuou would have given up)
  • Perform to the best of your abilities and iincrease your personal bests

“So what is Sports Hypnosis?”

Sports Hypnosis is primarily a combination of Hypnosis with traditional sports psychology, with the aim to assist with many common sporting psychological problems. It is particularly effective for building confidence, overcoming poor past performances, and visualising new or complicated techniques.

In addition hypnosis is highly effective when used to let go of other psychological factors such as anxiety, lack of motivation, and mental blocks. Sports Hypnosis is now widely used in many sports to help both professional and amateur sportsmen and women with their mental training.

HERE are just a few of the sports where NLP and Hypnosis at Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic can assist you: Football, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Squash, Rugby, Boxing, Karate, Martial Arts, Swimming, Athletics, Rowing….. In essence, ANY sport!

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