Complimentary introductory talks on hypnosis in Bournemouth

Complimentary introductory talks on hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy™

If you have a group, association or simply a number of friends interested in finding out more about Hypnosis and its’ wondrous effects we are more than happy to give a brief talk along with demonstrations.

Whether it’s for letting go of emotions such as:

  • Anger, Anxiety or Low Self Esteem for example,
  • Improving Health and Health Issues,
  • Creating an Empowering Future,
  • Weight Loss,
  • Relationship Issues,
  • Dealing with Grief
  • Or well you fill in the Blank.


Basically anything you can think of can be improved and the mind is the place to make those wonderful changes.

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Email us with the subject line ‘talks’ and we’ll get right back to you.


Bespoke talks for businesses and organisation

If you want more than just an introduction to the opportunities that our skills can greatly increase you success and that of your business or members of your organisation we would be so pleased to show you what we can do.

Because these bespoke talks, seminars are specifically tailored to your need and wants there is no list of examples because we believe within our skills of using Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy™ and a few other processes developed by ourselves can enhance every walk of life and business.

Call us on 01202 428 309


Email us with the subject line ‘Bespoke talks’ and we’ll get right back to you.