Finding the right training course for you

How you can make sure you find the right NLP or Hypnosis training course and ensure you get the most from it NLP & Hypnosis Article
By Paul Clough


Having been on a number ot NLP training courses in England and abroad I (Paul) was asked to write this short article for a training directory. They are my recomendations to finding an NLP or Hypnosis course that will give you the value you deserve and more importantly the learnings to use ecologicaly in the world to make a difference
“So why is it so important to find the right NLP or hypnosis training for you?”

Well, it’s a great investment of your time and money and learning NLP can be either the best thing you ever do or leave you disappointed. Through the right training, with the right trainers, learning NLP can truly change your life for the better.

“So how do you decide the difference between and excellent training and one that isn’t?”

Between one that simply teaches techniques and intellectual theories and the right one, that gives you and creates in you the skills and abilities, that you can use in your way to get you want.

“What should a truly excellent training and excellent trainers provide?”

Live demonstrations and exercises of the demonstrations so you can have the most complete way of learning, as well as being able to ask questions freely and just as importantly get the answers to those questions. The trainers should be able to demonstrate all the skills they teach and give personal examples of how they use them now – not just theory. Can they and do they practise what they teach?

More than just the NLP curriculum? Does the training just teach the set curriculum or do the trainers give and teach more than they need to because they want to and are passionate about you and giving you more than just what’s required?

Are the trainers willing to share what they know or do they keep it for a further training or an additional module?

Are the trainings moulded to the outcomes of every delegate and do the trainers ask what you want from the training before you enrol? That presupposes you can speak to the trainers personally before you enrol which should be a must. If they won’t speak to you before, how far will they go to make this the best training you have attended? Could you meet with them before you enrol?

Testimonials are important but can you speak with the person quoted? You might want to wonder why not.

Back up and support should be something that is given and expected free of charge. Will you able to contact the trainers after you course for help and advice? If so, for how long after?

Guarantee – Does the training offer a full 100% guarantee if you are not satisfied?

These are just a few considerations that you should want answering before you have the most enjoyable and learning experience of NLP and Hypnosis

Written by Paul Clough of Joseph Clough Trainings


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