Why is it we all seem to wait before we take action to make a change? It’s as if we need to get to being more than a little uncomfortable to make us decide The Time is RIGHT.

Maybe we get to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. If we have negative or limiting beliefs of ‘I’m Not good enough‘ or ‘I don’t deserve this‘ It’s not really surprising is it.

Then ………

When we actually decide and find that change was possible, is possible we say ‘If ONLY’. If only I’d done this sooner!

So my question is to you


Come and find out what’s possible, make a real considered decision and if, ONLY IF, it’s right for you  to make the changes you want with us. It’s cheaper than you think – An initial consultation is complimentary – you just have to promise to turn up for your appointment. Get to feel comfortable with me before you decide – I’ll give you the best advice I can then you, only you decide.

If this appeals, resonates or is something you can see as a way forward give a call and speak with me in persona 01202 428 309 or email simply by clicking here

How long are you prepared to wait before now


Just one small change but which one?

Just one small change but which one?


Life is constantly changing and if we’re not careful it will direct the way we evolve and change with it. Are you happy giving that control to others ?

The thing is even a small change now with put you way off your planned direction over time and you may only notice it when it’s almost too late. I say almost because I believe we have the capacity to change anything we want in ourselves – we jut need a little help sometimes.

Even if we don’t know how to change I believe it’s more important to know what you want and how you want to be. The how will be found.

How will it be found?

Well one way is to get help and Hypnosis and NLP are two of the powerful and yet easy ways to make the changes in your life that last.

Where can I find this help?

Right here simply call us on 01202 428 309 of fill in the contact page by clicking here and we’ll explain how we can help you be the person you desire to be and let go of the issues that have been holding you back.


Yes it does usually take 3 sessions and sometimes even less

It’s simply your choice to make the right choice now




Be one of the few – with Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic

Be one of the few

So many are going to fail, fail at those New Year resolutions, just like last year and the year before.

Does it have to be that way? – Nooooooooooo!

In fact it takes just a little more effort but knowing where and how to use that effort is the key. Part of being successful is knowing and learning from those so called failures of the past or more probably what is causing those failures. There is always something that stops us and it’s usually pretty small.

When you deal with the cause of not succeeding in anything you want things just get better and better and not just I the area of your goal but in all other areas of your life – and that’s the awesome part. We see it in all our clients.

Some people will tell you this all takes a long time or many sessions – those people are right because that’s what they believe and unconsciously take a long time or need many sessions.

We don’t have that belief and that’s why, we believe, we get your results quickly and easily.

So the question is:

What do you want? or What don’t you want?

Maybe to be confident or to have high self-esteem? Or Be free of that anxiety /  fear / sadness or that addiction

To let go of the things that have been holding you back from the success of reaching those goals or resolutions?

Want to know how we can help?

Give me a call and speak with me in person or fill out our contact form by clicking here

What are you waiting for???


When is it the right time? to change with hypnotherapy

When is it the right time?

The right time for making that change you want.

It can be anxious even thinking of it, can’t it?

“I know I want to change but I don’t know how” –  that sounds familiar

That’s why we always insist on an initial consultation so you can make the right decision when you know what it involves, get to ask all your questions and know we can help. I have even recorded a short audio over on our main site

Here it is

Press the play button and have a listen and I’ll explain all in about a minute

So why not make a decision to find out the answers to all these questions and get to know how easy change can be and how quick change can be. The only other option is to wait and wait and wait……… you get the picture :O)

If you want call first and hear our voice in person by calling 01202 428 309 or if you want us to call you simply fill in the call back box on the top right or fill in our contact form here.

Whatever the issue I’m pretty certain we can help so why not find out now?




Alcohol and hypnotherapy

Alcohol – Just one more it’s Christmas

We’re coming to that time of year of excess, aren’t we?

That’s when our problems or issues can come to the fore and to excess too. It’s as if we can’t help ourselves and boom! Does this resonate?

One of those issues that we successfully work with a lot is alcohol. The effects aren’t only felt by us but everyone in close proximity and can be devastating.

The thing is it doesn’t have to be. We don’t wave a magic wand and poof! It’s gone! But we get you to acknowledge the problem to yourself and understand what the drinking issue was trying to do but is just not working anymore. That’s a strange thing to say I guess but we explain this all in or initial consultation way before you come for your first session and it just makes sense when you hear it.

There’s also the myth that you’re addicted and we can show you that it’s not true, you’re simply behaving in a certain way for a certain reason and we can change behaviours easily and quickly. We very rarely see our clients more than three sessions which in our experience seems to burst that myth bubble.

hi paul   apologies for not being in touch  I feel much better now & cannot believe what your hypnotherapy has done for my wellbeing  NOdrinking feel as though I have my old self back  my relationship with my partner has improved considerably   I will keep intouch         thankyou so much

The only thing you really need is the ‘Will to do whatever it takes’ and be doing this for yourself. Yes the rest of your family and friends will also get the benefit but it must be you and you alone. So not big asks I guess.

I suggest you don’t wait to find out if this is for you. You get no pressure from us because we believe in choice and that’s your choice and yours alone.

What do you have to lose other than that issue? Hmmmmm…..

Call me 01202 428 309 and speak to me personally to find out how I can help

or here at our contact page


Goals that seem just out of reach

Goals that seem just out of reach

Have you had the experience of being so excited, so motivated towards a goal or a project or simply to do something important and starting but not following through?

I know I have and we can get sad or feel a failure, yet still have that wanting of that goal in our lives. Sometimes it just seems to be just beyond our time or application yet we still desire it.

Sound familiar?

Can you see that in your mind’s eye?

Can you hear the disappointment in your inner voice?

But does it have to be this way? NO!!!!!

How would your life be different if you did achieve your goals? Take a minute to close your eyes and visualise. See yourself achieving your goals and notice how that would feel and what it would allow you to do. It would change your life for the better would it not? How it affect your confidence and your self-esteem?

There are so many things we can do with the processes of Hypnosis and NLP to assist you remove that unconscious barrier that blockage. We’ve seen this with our own eyes with ourselves and our previous clients and from the experiences of our peers.

If this is something you want to explore and achieve those wanted successes why not call 01202 428309 and ask in person or email thought the contact page on our main website. Or fill in the call back box top right. An initial consultation costs only 20 minutes of your time and the return could be priceless.

I look forward to seeing you soon



Achieving your goals with hypnosis and NLP

An example of what can be achieved through Hypnosis/NLP/Time Line therapy which you might not initially think of is

Achieving your goals

You see, if you haven’t achieved your goals or keep procrastinating or getting de-railed you need help.

Not help at the conscious level because you have already done that but your unconscious mind is not in alignment and therefore you need help at the unconscious level and that’s where I can help.

Energy flows where attention goes and if you are not truly aligned and congruent your energy is misplaced and it’s tiring nor succeeding – isn’t it?

Remember when you have achieved goals in the past, didn’t it seem like your energy was limitless? You need to have all your energy focused on your goal which includes your beliefs and values which are all stored at the unconscious level. When your beliefs and values are fully supporting your goals you can access all your skills and use them to obtain your desired result.

It can seem so much more complicated than it really is and with the processes of NLP and Time Line therapy and the power of hypnosis we can easily, effortlessly and comfortably have you firing on all cylinders to achieve what you want, when you want it.

So if you are under achieving or have un-realised goals and dreams why not call and have a chat in person – It may just be what you need right now

Call 01202 428 309 or use the contact page


I’m stuck in my comfort zone

Hi guys

Comfort zone, you hear so many people talking about “I’m in my comfort zone” or “ I can’t get out of my comfort zone” and I always think to myself –  Whaaaaat!!!!

I want you to consider what is a comfort zone? To consider and find out what it really is.

I was listening to a fairly famous actor who has bipolar and I know that’s a horrible set of emotions and behaviours to have but he was asked “you’ve had it for such a long time haven’t you found a way of coming back to normal?” and this person said “I’m so used to being this way. I’m so used to being this way this is my comfort zone. I don’t know what’s on the other side and therefore I’m not going there and I’m not going to try to find a better way.” This guy was so far out of out of kilter with everyone else and was doing some crazy things and in some ways harming himself and others. It’s sad that he couldn’t see there is a way to change and to change easily and comfortably and find a wonderful life to experience.

I know I’m not in that position and I can look at it from a distance, a meta view as we call it in NLP, and I thought myself why is this so?

It’s got absolutely nothing to do with comfort, it’s so far from being comfortable, it’s the most inaptly named thing I’ve ever heard of. When you say I’m in my comfort zone it really means you’re in the familiar zone. it’s just familiar to you, this is what you’re used to. It could be I’m familiar with this crock of you know what, but I’m familiar with this life and therefore you know what to expect. But don’t kid yourself, don’t kid yourself that it is comfort,  it isn’t, you’re just familiar with this way of being

If you were to acknowledge it, not accept it

– “this is where I’m  at the moment


If I could just put this down for a moment and look what could lie beyond the imaginary line, the imaginary boundary you created.

No one else has put it up, it’s yours and I know there was a great positive intention when it was first put up, unconsciously, to keep you safe. Safe from those positions where you might get hurt or embarrassed. But that was then and you have a wonderful set skills and you can access those wonderful set of skills and have the life you really want and also be safe from hurt or embarrassment


If you feel you’re stuck in this ‘familiar zone’ and want to change all you have to do is find out what’s available.

One way is to have a chat with me and find out you’re not alone with those feelings and how I can help. You will not be my first client to experience this and probably not the last so make a call and find out.

01202 428 309 or fill in the contact form on the tab on the top of this page


It’s time to change – Now!

Thinking without this is useless

Deep thinking, deep diving or simply taking time out to think these are all part of personal development and all this is Awesome with a capital A. You really have to don’t you? if you want to improve yourself and allow those dreams to come. We generally have a ritual for doing this, I know I do. Maybe it’s making the room just right with music and quiet or it can be in  a cafe or library. The thing is the space doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be – be you!

But and there’s always a but………

In my earlier days of learning NLP and Hypnosis I met a great number of practitioners who studied and thought and read everything. They knew more than the trainers and their library was immense. Initially that both impressed me and overwhelmed me with a feeling of inadequacy then I saw the light. Yes they knew more than me but they didn’t use what they knew in fact I don’t know if they could even use the skills they could talk about intellectually forever. In a nutshell they did not take action and to me that’s where learning and thinking turn into mastery. I love the definition of mastery – Doing what you know and knowing what you do.

Great thinkers are also doers and that means when you take those awesome steps to pause, take time out to think and deep dive AND then commit those thoughts into actions, baby steps at first, you join the club of great thinkers because you’re going to make a difference. Make a difference to your life which in turn makes a difference to those around you and ultimately like the butterfly on the other side of the world will create a storm of positive change everywhere. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So bringing this to thinking about changing the things you don’t want in your life such as anxiety, fear, low-self esteem, lack of confidence, phobias, smoking, weight and (well you fill in the) blank – It’s time to action on those thoughts and the first baby step is to get information first hand and to feel comfortable. That’s we we always insist on an initial consultation where you get to make the right decision and know you will be comfortable with us. Even that small action will make you feel empowered to know you are doing something and taking responsibility and thta’s Awesome with a capital ‘A’ too!!

So what are you waiting for? Make that call 01202 428 309 and speak with me in person or fill out the contact form in the tab above.

The sooner you take that action your life will begin to change



It’s only the FALSE fear of the unknown

You’re braver than you think

It’s only the FALSE fear of the unknown

It’s a very brave thing to click the return button on your computer and send in  an enquiry, even if you don’t say what’s wrong. It’s equally just as brave to call and speak to someone you don’t know and ask for help. Yet than one little act of bravery, and let’s face it you’re nothing bad is going to happen to you, can make the biggest change in your life.

In fact you not only let go of your issue or anxiety or fear or un-confidence or jealousy or low self-esteem or you fill in the blank but the changes you make will have such wide positive implications in all areas of your life.

So what do we fear? Maybe unearthing our darkest secrets to a stranger – most of us don’t have dark secrets and for those who do and want to keep it private we have some wonderful ways of working that is content free.

So what is content free?

In a nut shell you do not share details verbally and don’t have to explain or be embarrassed – you really only need to know how you feel now and how you want to feel now and leave the rest to us. It’s hard to explain this as it seems too easy but that’s the beauty of the processes we use and the results we see.

The one thing you should know if you do have any concern about anything in regards to the way we specifically work and who we are as a person not just a therapist is that if you don’t feel comfortable with us and what we explain then you shouldn’t be working with us and we will support you in finding the right path to achieve what you need. It really is that simple.

So how do find out your concerns /fears are  unfounded and know you’re in the right place with the right person to help you let go of your issue and be free to enjoy life again, be the old/real you again ?

Pick up the phone and speak to us and know or email – whichever is the easiest for you.

01202 428 309  or or fill out the contact form at the tab above.

The only thing you have to lose is your issue  :O)