Hypnotherapy & NLP Courses & Workshops

Paul is now running special Hypnotherapy courses in Bournemouth

Here’s a question: Would you like to be successful Hypnotherapist or NLP coach, running your own business, doing meaningful work – all whilst being paid well and being in control of your own lifestyle / work balance?

if the answer is YES then you might be interested in what comes next ………

if the answer is “Hmmmm. not sure yet but I’m interested to find out more” then you also might be interested in what comes next

I have broken the rules in Training Hypnotherapy, NLP and Hypnosis!

That’s right ~ No more classes as big as you can get
teaching more than what’s required such as

  • How to start building a hypnotherapy or coaching business
  • How to conduct a consultation with a client
  • How to apply the processes so they work in therapy
  • How to throw away scripts and be a confident therapist
  • Learn Processes to stop smoking in only one session
  • Learn Processes to lose weight
  • Continued mentoring when the course is over
  • How to continue your learning


Because I want to deliver more than what’s required, know I have trained you to the highest standard and bring out the very best in you. To have you feel how great it is to help people overcome difficulties. To have you be able to really use the processes of NLP and Hypnosis, to have them as we call it “In The Muscle” and not just an intellectual understanding……… We don’t do intellectual! we do Doing! and Being!
It’s giving you the chance to really learn in a light, enjoyable and fun way where you have access to the me, the trainer, and know you are personally supported all the way. Ensuring you leave with more than you thought you could achieve and no “what if” doubts.

A career change? Time for something different and worthwhile? A proper work life/balance?

I know many who want all the above and more. In fact I can honestly say I was this way and now have the opportunity to do the things I love doing and put this down to my personal development through learning Hypnosis and NLP. I have also seen similar results by those who are very close to me.

Through learning Hypnosis and NLP I have learnt to be totally responsible for what I want and getting it. The tools (processes) have given me the opportunity to make those changes and in turn the magic of helping others do the same. I say magic, it’s not real magic! But the results and feelings can be magical and the great thing is you’re in charge ~ no one else.

If this interests you I am more than happy to tell you my story and the changes I’ve seen in those close to me through learning Hypnosis and NLP. All you have to do is email me or call me.

Fully Accredited NLP Practitioner Trainings, in Bournemouth & Cambridge, with a unique difference.

What’s the unique difference?

I aim to teach NLP etc. so you get a special experience and learn more than you can imagine that’s one of the reasons why I only teach in small groups (in Bournemouth up to a maximum of 4 and Cambridge 10). Each training is specifically centered and tailored around your outcomes. You will be personally mentored both before the training and after so you are always supported on this incredible adventure.

Interested to read more?

We’ve all had the experience of not asking a question in a large group of people, haven’t we? because of fear, nerves or simply thinking “I’m the only one not getting this”.
Or maybe you have been on a training and then had that feeling of being totally left on your own and not knowing what to do next? I know how both of these example feel and anxious it made me feel so I’m determined not to let that happen to anyone who signs up for one of my courses.

If this excites you…..

So why is this so important to me? and you……..

Can I tell you a story?

“NLP, Hypnosis and a bunch of other ‘stuff’ has changed my life from being a totally business profit oriented person with (sadly) dubious morals to someone who wants to see everyone excel, be their best and achieve their true potential whatever that may be. This change in me has brought out the want to teach what I have learnt and share it with as many who want to listen and (in therapy) to facilitate change in my clients from where they don’t want to be to a place and person they love to be! maybe you’re one of those people? :)” ……..Paul C.

When I attended my first NLP training I was eager to learn but at that time very un-confident of asking questions in front of a group. So it meant unless someone else asked the question I needed answering I had to research it, try out the answer and usually had to modify what I found out my making mistakes. Whilst this way may have made me a stronger person it was a longer process that I wanted. Yes I found out many other things along the way but I probably would have found them quicker too if my concerns were looked after more personally. (My Trainers were great but could only spread themselves so far.)

Wouldn’t you like to learn what I have learnt, without the pit falls? Not to learn just techniques, because techniques alone simply don’t work, but to learn processes and how they work and where and when to apply them with confidence and be part of the magic that follows. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is your personal development, to be a therapist or be successful in business the magic will be there!

If you want a pdf download of why, what and How then Click here to Download your copy